Qurtaba City is the conceptualization of building an entire city purely based on the clear teachings of Islam i.e. equality, peace and harmony. This project is an inspiration, as is shown by its name and is a true manifestation of the strong and truthful culture of the city of Muslim Spain, QURTABA.

A marvelous blend of a salient number of mosques with a centralized Jamia Mosque, International University, a fair number of strong cultured schools and colleges, working with the precise accord and harmony, makes this project a fine mixture of excellence and distinction.

QURTABA City is planned in such a wonderfully precise way that it provides its inhabitants an opportunity to seize and envision their dreams.

With all the modern facilities, Qurtaba City is not only an answer to all your dreams but is also a masterpiece of intricate design and architecture. All the amenities such as mosques, schools, parks and markets have been made readily available to residents. With inter-block roads of width ranging from 300ft, 200ft, 100ft and Residential streets not less than 40ft, underground electricity system, footpaths and green belts, the facility becomes unmatchable. This city has been designed to cater to all classes of the society and aims to fulfill every person’s dream of owning a house, be it rich or poor.

Qurtaba City has been approved by TMA Potohar Town under registration no. NOC/TMO/105. We are the only legitimate housing society on Chakri road that has been accredited from government authorities.